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I’m published

7 Aug

I spoke in Guangzhou at an event in the middle of July and during the break an individual came forward and told me how much he enjoyed my presentation.  I thanked him and enquired what company he was from, while offering one of my business cards which is pretty standard procedure.  He said that he was from the China Daily – European Edition. 

The first thought that went through my head was that they must have a lot of employees in China and I wondered if they were interested in changing their benefits program.  He then proceeded to change that thought by asking me if I was willing to write a comment piece – 600 to 800 words for the paper, based on the presentation that I just gave.

Slightly taken aback, I asked a few miscellaneous questions – when would it be due, what is the facing article, etc. and then glanced at the sample paper that he had brought a copy of for my reference.  It appeared that since we were jointly holding the event with the European Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou he had received the invitation to attend and wanted to hear our point of view on employee benefits.  I told him that if it was ok with my marketing/PR folks I would write it and then the following week sent it off.

On Friday he sent me an email with the link and has also promised to send me a hard copy of the article.  It’s edited a little, but for the most part is pretty close to what I sent out.  I’ve had a few articles published before, but always in HR journals or more technical extracts so to be in a standard newspaper is a big step.

If you are curious, the link to the article is above.  It should be available online for a while but I am not sure how long.  If it is not working, leave me a comment and I will send you a copy of the article instead.

Pretty cool – I’m published.

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