Coping with construction

25 Aug

My office building seems to be perpetually under construction, but recently it has taken things to a new level.

Over the last three years I have dealt with the smell of paint wafting through the office vents, with the fact that the air conditioning turns off at 7pm, with clunks and drilling during late night calls with the US.  We had the air tested at one point and in our department’s area it received a very low score which resulted in buying several air cleaners.  That said, the location of the office is excellent and we had 7 restaurants in the building, a subway station, two coffee shops, a nail salon, a bakery, a drug store, custom tailor and several others.

Notice I said, “had…”

Beginning this February things started to close and by the end of May all of the shops were gone.  Upon my return from Singapore (three months after the shops all closed), I realized the construction had started in earnest.  Doors were blocked, including the entrance to the subway.  Our ATM closed. Large trucks could be seen at strange hours of the day.

Even our reception area is going to be under construction for a month as they replace the carpet.  It’s inside and outside!

The rumor is that they are going to turn the retail space in our building into a high end shopping mall.  Across the street is already a Cartier, Tiffany’s, Apple Store, Coach and many other luxury brands.  Higher prices are creeping towards us along with the dust kicked up by the construction.

Like many things in Shanghai I will eventually get used to this new state of affairs, with the noise, with planning ahead if I want something cold to drink, with adding a few minutes to go in the door that is farthest from where I want to go.  In the long run it will have little effect on my life.  For now anyway though, I’m coping with construction.

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