The first quarter review

16 Oct

I am proud to announce that my blog has now survived its first quarter!  Three months ago I published my first entry, Rebooting, and since then I have published a total of 40 entries and had over 900 page clicks.  Hopefully at least one of the stories I’ve shared has caused you think about something new or made you smile.  I certainly have smiled as I’ve written them and chosen the pictures for each.

I thought since it has been three months I would look back at some of my favorite posts and the comments that I’ve received.

My favoriteStar Power still makes me laugh each time I click the link.  If you actually look at the Jay Zhou video posted and don’t laugh, let me know.  His take on the American West should have you wondering how the US is being portrayed in China.

Most commentedProfiles – The Plant Man hit a nerve with readers about trying to keep something green in our environment and the struggle with fresh flowers vs. plants.  Nei Xiang vs. Nei Xiong also got some fun comments about language learning and pitfalls.

Most viewed – strangely enough, my first full post Playing in the Clouds, has had the most page clicks.  This post shared some photos from our team outing to Zhangjiajie which was a fun trip for sure.  Another popular post was Exploring – Shanghai’s Jewish District which had beautiful photos from my friend and I think a lot of people took a second look.  I recommend the chicken picture!

Most in need of an updateWalnuts and Dates.  I just returned from a two week vacation and decided that I wanted to add some dates to my tea.  Pulling out the plastic bags which I photographed for this post, I noticed something white in the bag.  The dates were full of maggots.  There were dead maggots, alive maggots and some type of winged creature that made my stomach turn.  All three bags were crawling with life.  Lesson learned – do not put dates in Ziplock bags, even if they look perfectly fine.

Least appreciatedSingapore specialties – a post that I think occurred after everyone had taken a first look at my blog and then took a while to come back.  It talks about Singapore’s famous chili crab and culinary mix of cultures.

Do you agree with my picks?  Take another look or check them out for the first time and please let me know!  If you find something I say interesting or funny, feel free to pass along to friends and colleagues.   Writing a blog is a bit like writing to a friend and you’re never sure if they actually get the letter.

Hope to hear from you soon.


2 Responses to “The first quarter review”

  1. valerie October 20, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    I think I like the ones about food — I remember how tasty all the food was in China so seeing pics and reading about your culinary adventures make me think about the tasty travels we had. However, the maggots in the dates just gross me out.

    Re the Star Power — do you think that is China’s impression of the west because that is what they are taught in school or see in the media which is regulated by the government? A recent This American Life podcast was titled Adventures where one guy ended up in a Chinese prison for a period of time and he mentioned that most people have a certain view of the US because certain amounts of information were made available to them. It is always sad to know that that goes on (and I’m sure won’t stop).

    • gkm2011 October 21, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

      Glad to know you have fun food memories. You’re always welcome to come back for another trip. Thanks for the comments!

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