The Missing Crabs – Part II

20 Oct

Over a month ago I did a post about my missing crabs as the delivery that never came.

The crabs are missing no more.

After finally making another appointment with the company that was supposed to deliver them, they were delivered to my office last Friday afternoon.  I had been told that I needed to double check that they were still alive, so I had the delivery guy open the crate.  Luckily I did because in the initial box there were two dead crabs.  The second box was fine – all of the eyes were moving, so I thanked him and took them to my office refrigerator.

At the end of the day I went to collect them.  To my dismay, as I opened the refrigerator door, a crab fell out of the refrigerator and started skuttling along the floor.  Luckily one of my coworkers helped me corral it back into the basket.  I’m not sure how it managed to get out of its ropes and make the leap to freedom, but it definitely unnerved me on the walk home.

At home, we attacked the crabs together.  There were seven in the crate, but for that initial meal we only ate two.  My colleagues had given me lots of tips but we wound up doing things very simply in that we steamed them with water, ginger, a little onion and some Chinese cooking wine.  They were absolutely delicious – no sauce was needed, sweet and firm, super fresh and truly an ode to fall.

The female crabs were full of sweet egg sacks, the crab roe, that when steamed is similar to an egg yolk, the male crabs were larger with big hairy claws and more sweet meat.  On Saturday we ate the rest which was too much.  Come to find out hairy crabs are incredibly filling.  After a lunch of 2.5 crabs, I didn’t have anything else until late that evening.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So – the adventure ended well, with yummy crab and a great story.  Enjoy the photos from our crab adventure.

Have you ever cooked anything alive?

7 Responses to “The Missing Crabs – Part II”

  1. Crystal October 20, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    Yum! That’s one of my favorite ways to eat crab and also somewhat of a family tradition! I have many great memories of buying fresh crab from the Chinese supermarket, steaming up a batch, and eating with fresh ginger and Chinese vinegar. Glad you enjoyed!

    • gkm2011 October 21, 2011 at 7:28 pm #

      Glad to remind you of them. I don’t know where to buy fresh crabs in Chicago but I think you should do some research and find out!

  2. valerie October 20, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

    You didn’t want to keep the escape artist as a pet? The pics look delicious. We have never made anything live, yet — I recently purchased a tall lobster pot and am hoping to make my first lobster soon!

    • gkm2011 October 21, 2011 at 7:28 pm #

      A lobster pot – that is very exciting as well. You’ll have to tell me when you use it for the first time! The crab was wonderful, for sure.


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