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New Year Resolutions?

1 Jan

One of the differences that I have found in China is that the culture of New Year’s resolutions does not exist here.  I remember from the last couple of years, the gym is just as deserted on January 2nd as it is the last week of December and I haven’t been able to tell that people are buying organizational systems or dieting.

Of course Chinese New Year (the lunar new year) and the 2012 New Year (the solar new year) are different and the first couple of years I thought perhaps it was more of the same, just delayed by a month or so, but that is not the case.  It is freeing to know that no one will be asking me my plans for self improvement and the gym will remain relatively uncrowded.

However, I am not Chinese and it is the season to think about plans for the year and as such I am contemplating my own new year’s resolutions.  I read an interesting article recently about having other people set your resolutions for you.  The premise of the article was that if someone else suggests them, that individual will have a clearer view of your needs and what would make the most sense.  I can see how that would work, but I am still not sure.  In my eyes, resolutions are personal endeavors.

I do have one “public resolution” – to continue to update Zhongguo Jumble throughout the year.  I am proud that I have posted for almost the last six months on a very regular basis.  I’ll be doing a “Second Quarter Review” soon with my favorites.

That said – do any of you have resolution suggestions for me?  No guarantees, but I am curious.

May 2012 be the best year yet for us all!

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