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The second quarter review

17 Jan

I’m proud to announce that Zhongguo Jumble has just celebrated it’s second quarter of completion!  Last July I kicked things off and since then have written nearly 80 posts about life here in China (and the trips I take).   I had fewer visits to the site during this quarter – many people have told me that with the holidays things just got too busy.  I hope that many of you made a new year’s resolution to follow again!

And without further adieu, some favorites from the last quarter.  To read the original post you can click the links in the below descriptions.

Top postJianlibao – this post has climbed up the search engines and has logged views from all over the world.  It was based on the story of the Jianlibao company – China’s “Coca Cola” – from Li’s childhood.

My favoriteForeigner for Rent – This video that I linked too is from CNN.  It includes interviews of westerners in China who were hired to pose as important people at events in second tier cities.  It makes me laugh every time I view it because I could actually see it happening.

New concept – This quarter I have tried a slightly new concept with a couple of photography focused posts.  One example is Ode to Autumn.

Travel series – My trip to Yunnan resulted in several posts and a number of great comments.  If you click the “Explore” category on the right side of the blog you can see those posts and other “Exploring”  posts.

Cooking adventure – “The Missing Crabs, Part I and Part II” resulted in comments, shared stories and more laughs.  I love food and the laugh was definitely on me with this one when that crab escaped.  He sure tasted good though so I think I got the last laugh.

Site stats – A Boeing 747 has 416 seats so I’ve had 4 planes full and a lot of folks stuck on the wings or put on the waiting list with nearly 1800 views in the last six months.

Another way to think about it is that the  Great Hall of the People in Beijing (the Chinese “congress”) – has space for 2,987 delegates. My viewers to date would occupy over half of the seats – a good goal for 2012 would be to fill up the entire hall at least once.  Seems doable.

Did I miss any of your favorites from this quarter?  Please let me know if one of the above, or another one made you smile, think or even laugh out loud.

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