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Subway encounters

16 Feb

I was meeting folks for dinner one evening and needed to take the subway after work, which I pretty rarely do these days.  I was in a good mood despite the mad rush of people at 6 o’clock- lots of positive things have happened lately – and it must have showed in my face.  I was waiting to transfer to line 2 at the People’s Square station when an average sized man walked up to me and said in English, “I am from North Korea.  What country are you from?”

I was pretty taken aback and just looked at him.  He asked again.  I said, “I live in Shanghai.”  He then tried to hug me.  At that point I was so shocked that I kind of half shook his hand and then took off towards the other end of the station.  Luckily he didn’t follow me.

After a great dinner, I headed home.  I had just switched to line 8 when I noticed a girl in a sparkly pink coat reading a book across from me.  I guess I must have smiled at her because all of a sudden she asked, “”What country are you from.  Do you speak English?”  I said yes and then asked her if she was studying.  She moved into the seat beside me and over the next three stops tried to convince me that we could become friends and I could help her with her English.  My stop came just in time!

Ever had a “subway encounter?”

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