Success in Singapore

27 Mar

Last week I wrote about my business trip to Singapore and my trepidation/dread of the five hour trip.  I am now happy to report that it was a resounding success – both from a work as well as personal satisfaction standpoint.  All of the positives that I was hoping would happen pretty much came true which I think was partly due to the reframing that I did last week.

Some of my favorite moments on this trip were:

1) Enjoying the warmth of Singapore’s tropical weather and wearing some new clothes I had bought at Christmas time that I hadn’t yet had a chance to wear

2) Finding out that my hotel (on Erskine Road) was in the middle of a wonderful cluster of brightly painted houses with bars and restaurants.  In addition, on my 10 minute walk to the office I went by a Buddhist temple, a hindu temple and a mosque.  It was practically a Singapore commercial in four blocks. I even saw a bride and groom taking photos on my walk back in the evening.

3) The food – I did make it to the hawker’s market and had Indian cuisine, along with a lime soda – but I also had over the course of the week, a chicken sandwich with avocado (which is remarkably difficult to find in Shanghai), a middle-eastern sampler platter with umlimited fresh pita bread, tangine with chicken and green olives, fresh sushi that was picture perfect and a tasting menu on the top of Marina Bay Sands that was over the top – from fresh raw tuna to foie gras and a delicate desert with about 20 different components.

4) Catching up with colleagues and other acquaintances – one evening as I alluded to above, I met a former client at Marina Bay Sands, which is actually most famous for having a huge casino.  We didn’t go to the casino, but instead headed to the roof for first drinks and then dinner.  The view from the top – which looks like a giant boat, puts Singapore in perspective – and you can even look down on the famous Singapore Flyer, the big ferris wheel.

5) Having an empty seat next to me on the flight home – my flight back was delayed, but I was lucky enough to have a window seat with no one sitting beside me.  Also – because it was delayed I was able to find a chili crab magnet at one of the shops in the airport to add to my magnet collection.

My work project, while not quite done – also went as well as possible, considering the circumstances.  If I wanted to complain, I am sure I have enough for another post, but I’m trying to stay positive.  Business trips never result in enough sleep, the food is always too rich, my exercise routine gets off center, and the person next to, in front of or behind me on the plane will be sick.  This is a given.  To enjoy this trip I needed to accept those aspects and focus on the rest of it.  At least this time, I did succeed.

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As it was a work trip, the only camera I had was my blackberry camera, which explains the quality of the pictures above.  I was trying though to capture enough of an essence that if you ever have to go to Singapore for work, that you too can have a good trip.

Any favorite work trips out there?  One other that was a favorite was two years ago I had a conference that I needed to attend in Sydney, Australia.  I added two days of my own free time – one at the beginning and one at the end and managed to cram so much into those days that I still think of it fondly.

4 Responses to “Success in Singapore”

  1. valerie March 27, 2012 at 9:37 am #

    Glad to hear the trip was a success!

    • gkm2011 March 27, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

      Thanks! It looks like I may have to go back (next week) so we’ll see.


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