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The third quarter review

17 Apr

Nine months ago when I started Zhongguo Jumble, I wasn’t thinking about where the blog may be in the next nine months.  I was hoping that I could commit to something other than my job by focusing on the positive and strange events that happen each day and hopefully share the experiences with my friends and family.  It was a trip with my coworkers in June of 2011 that served as inspiration for my first post – Playing in the Clouds – and since then I have published over 115 posts – slightly more than three a week.  The third quarter saw a large uptick in readership, especially in March, where I doubled my previous monthly high views, with over 3500 clicks to date.

By far the most popular post of the last quarter was my entry on Helmet Diving in Boracay, which showed photos of our helmet dive from our trip to the Philippines over Chinese New Year.  Close behind was the post that I did about Butterflies at the Airport in Singapore which was picked up by “My apple menu – Singapore”‘s data feed.  On Easter I had well over 60 people click the link and get directed to Zhongguo Jumble.  I find it ironic that my top two posts are not about China, but posts that I did about “The Monkey King – Sun Wu Kong” inspired by the new Journey to the West miniseries shown on Chinese TV and a discussion about Evolving Shanghai that was triggered by my friend Erica’s visit where I tried to look at the Shanghai I’ve lived in for over four years with fresh eyes, also did very well over the last quarter.  Aside from these very popular posts, I have a few favorites to remember as well.

1) Photography – Boracay Final Photos – the final post I did from our Boracay trip contains the photos that I just had to include after culling through over a thousand shots.  The effortless way they transport me back when I look at them makes me smile every time.  Actually – all of my Philippines posts seemed to connect with folks and I believe they also introduced some new readers to the blog.  For more photos and our experiences you can click “Philippines” in the topics on the right side.

2) Comments – I did a post on the renovations in my local shopping center and trying to find peanut butter.  This post really struck a chord with my readers and is my most commented post to date.  It reminds me that sometimes it is the small things that can transport you back home.

3) Singapore travels – My business trips to Singapore turned into several posts on Singapore as well as business travel in general.  For specifics you can click “business travel” or “Singapore” from the topics on the right side of the page.

4) Chinese New Year – I did several posts on the year of the dragon, capped off by my favorite documenting the fireworks in my apartment complex on Chinese New Year’s Eve.  Three months into the year of the dragon – things are looking good!

Thank you for your continued support and send an early birthday shout out to my sister, Anne.  Happy birthday!

Did I miss your favorite from the last several months?  If so – let me know!

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