An afternoon exploring Shanghai with friends

24 Apr

As I referenced earlier, I was lucky enough to have two good friends from Chicago here in Shanghai at the end of March.  I took them for dumplings and in the afternoon we explored the old and the new in Shanghai.   The contrasts that can be found in the city were on display in the extreme.

The “old” was accomplished with a walk through the French concession including a stroll through Fuxing Park.  The flowers were just starting to bloom and the trees had not yet budded.  We enjoyed the sunshine and the people flying kites, but most of all we enjoyed the folks dancing in the park.  There were a couple of different groups of people accompanied by classical music who were very proper in their form walzing and sashaying through the park.  Even more fun to me was watching my friends’ reaction – that’s why I snapped the picture below.

Seeing the world through your camera (or iPhone) - and watching the dancers in Fuxing Park

I see folks dancing in the park on a pretty regular basis – on my way to work are the groups of women line dancing or drumming or practicing tai chi, on my way home I see folks waltzing or singing karaoke.  The park is an extension of their living room – a place to meet friends, exercise and just get out of the house.

We also went up to the 31st floor of my office building and looked down at the intersection of the two elevated highways.  The power of modern construction and change that have swept the city over the last thirty years is in full view when you see things from above.  Later that day we went to the Bund and watched the lights turn on in Pudong – as Shanghai’s famous skyline slowly illuminated in the twilight.  I have been in most of those skyscrapers now with my job over the last three and a half years.  It is more than just a symbol – those are real companies and real people who come and go to work every day.

I am hoping to share some photos from my friend of the Bund at twilight as my own camera doesn’t do it justice.  More to see!

The best part though because my friends were here, I saw both Shanghai’s old and new again – through new eyes and it was a great visit for me too.

Where do you take friends to visit when they come?

5 Responses to “An afternoon exploring Shanghai with friends”

  1. valerie April 24, 2012 at 8:44 am #

    When I lived in Boston, I took all the visitors on the Freedom Trail. I used to have a guide that I read from but I had done it so much I ended up being able to recite the history without the guide. It was a fun walk and we ended up in the North End to get a good cannoli 🙂

    • gkm2011 April 24, 2012 at 9:00 am #

      That sounds like a lot of fun – I could do with a cannoli right about now! I feel that way a little bit when I walk people by the Bund in Shanghai. It’s fun sharing facts and views.

  2. mona April 26, 2012 at 9:31 am #

    Because of your previous post on Yang’s Dumplings, we are planning on eating there when we return to Shanghai in June. I will have to check out Fuxing Park this summer, as well as these delicious sounding dumplings. It’s interesting that you were in the French concession because that is where we stay. The Bund! Love that place, which is charming both during the day and at night with the bazillions of lights (ironic in a city that pushes for conservation). I’m starting to “itch” to begin my second summer in China.

    • gkm2011 April 26, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

      Glad to add a couple of places to your to do list! When will you be arriving in Shanghai?


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