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Shenzhen – recycling center

14 Aug

After my weekend in Hong Kong, I had to head back through Shenzhen for another couple of days of meetings.  One evening when taking a walk to a nearby restaurant I noticed that there was a lot of trash next to the road.

Upon closer observation the trash had been neatly sorted and was next to a garbage truck.  I took a couple of photos.  The man that you can see started to wave me off as he realized what I was doing.  I went to dinner thinking about why there was so much trash on the road.  Coming back a different way I saw another truck and this one had a scale next to it.  I think that it is a place where trash collectors come to sell recyclable goods.

The next evening in the same place, another truck and another collection of recyclables.  I found it an interesting part of Shenzhen – and my hotel was in a pretty ritzy area in Futian district.  It also caused me to think about what happens to trash and recyclables in Shanghai.  It is common to see a tricycle overflowing with cardboard, wood pieces, plastic bottles, styrofoam or other products but I have never seen a transaction take place or know the value of the items.

Sometimes travel gives me new insights on where I live and how I affect the world.  Seeing that trash on the curb did that on this business trip.  Have you had an experience like that when you travel?

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