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Travel theme – curves

6 Sep

This week’s theme at Where’s My Backpack is curves.

Bridge in water town outside of Shanghai, China around new year’s 2009

As I looked through my photos I started looking at bridges and doors.  In China classic bridges tend to have a high arch in case of potential flooding and in traditional gardens, there are lots of curved and round doors that can be used to frame a subject.  They are man-made curves with a focus on proportion and line.

Doing a curvy yoga pose, in front of an arched door in Wuxi, China, summer of 2010

Then I started thinking about more natural curves and remembering the trip I took with my good friend Valerie in the spring of 2010. We went to Guilin and Yangshuo in the south of China to see the rolling hills. From that trip I captured curves that predate humans and remind us that they will continue while we are gone.

A natural half moon arch in the foothills of Yangshuo, China

Lovely curves as we bicycled through the hills of Yangshuo in May of 2010

Finally when looking through photos from my family’s trip to China in 2008 I found this photo from the Chongqing zoo. We had gone to see the pandas (and did see many of them), but this elephant’s trunk seems to be the perfect curve to end the post.

A final natural curve, photo taken in the Chongqing zoo in June of 2008

Which curve is your favorite and where do you see your favorite curves?

If you would like to see other people’s photos defining curves, please go to the link above.

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