Making kimchi in Seoul

25 Sep

The aprons and gloves were necessary. The red pepper paste was pretty powerful!

As part of my recent trip to South Korea, I attended a brief demonstration of how to make kimchi – the ubiquitous fermented/pickled cabbage dish that is everywhere in South Korea.  Since I was with a Chinese tour group I don’t know that I absorbed enough information to make my own (nor would I especially want to), but I did get a chance to spread the red pepper paste on the cabbage leaves and bundle it up.

Our guide/teacher explaining the different types of kimchi.

Our hosts (who were hoping that we would purchase their kimchi products) explained the different types – with over 200 different varieties possible.  In Korea they sell special kimchi refrigerators so that each home always has a constant supply available – and to segregate the smell that can seep into different areas.

Kimchi in small bowls accompanying our roast pork dinner

An example of turnip kimchi

When we ate – kimchi was available for breakfast, lunch and dinner in different formats.  Sometimes it was the pickled spicy cabbage, sometimes turnip – some yellow, some white, some darker colors.  Even at the airport when I ordered a bowl of noodles, there was a small side dish of kimchi as an accompaniment.

Over my short stay in Seoul – I ate a lot of kimchi, enough so that I probably won’t have it for a while, however it was a unique and fun part of my trip.

Have you had kimchi?  When trying to explaining it to someone who has never had it , I likened it to a spicy version of sauerkraut.  What would you compare it to?


3 Responses to “Making kimchi in Seoul”

  1. TBM September 25, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

    That looks fun. I’ve only had kimchi on a few occasions, but I liked it.

    • gkm2011 September 26, 2012 at 10:54 am #

      I like it too – though breakfast, lunch and dinner was a bit much. It definitely adds spice – they told us that some of the red pepper pastes can have over 40 ingredients.


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    […] of vats – perhaps they had all the different types that our guide explained when we had our kimchi lesson. Entrance to kimchi room Pots and pots for the royal kimchi – a separate […]

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