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The Seoul Tower

30 Sep

During my recent trip to Seoul one of the highlights of the trip was visiting the Seoul Tower.  Seoul is set in a valley with mountains surrounding it – there are lots of hills and lakes – apparently the feng shui is one of the best possible for a city.  In Chinese there is a saying when you are looking for an apartment (有山有水) – that basically means that if you have a mountain at the back of the house and water in front – it is the perfect situation.  Seoul is a prime example.

You can see the mountains surrounding Seoul

Here you can see the mountains and the water – good location!

Another view of the city

At the top one of the hills that surround the city is the Seoul Tower.  We looked down at the city at dusk and enjoyed the view – Seoul spread out at your feet.  Closer in, the tower has also become a place for young couples to declare their love and to lock things of importance to them to the fences guarding people from the edge.   I was fascinated by the display – it was a modern version of the locks that I saw at the top of Mount Tai earlier this year.

Lots of different locks – and other symbols of love

The dustbin made me laugh. I don’t read Korean so I don’t know what it said – but it was unique.

The locks even tower over my head. I wonder how people put them at the top?

I think that my favorite was still the small dust bin that you can see above.  I looked through the entire collection (and there were thousands of locks) – and I didn’t see another like it.  Perhaps they believe cleaning together is the secret of marital bliss?

I wonder how the tradition started there – it’s not a holy place now, but perhaps in the past?  Who knows?

If you were going to “lock something up” as a symbol – what would it be?

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