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A local specialty

26 Mar

One day in the office, a colleagues told me that there was a famous restaurant within walking distance of my apartment.  He started describing the location and all of a sudden I realized what place he was talking about.  On the weekends I saw the lines and people waiting outside on little plastic chairs.  It seemed like a popular place, but I had never paid much attention to it – as far as I could tell it was just a hole in the wall noodle restaurant.

I asked what the specialty of the restaurant was – if it was just a really good noodle place or not – and my coworker started to laugh.  He asked me how adventurous of an eater I was and then finally told me what their specialty is – noodles with large intestines!  Even the name of the restaurant is “Da Chang Mian” which literally translates to “Long Intestine Noodles.”  We laughed together and I promised that some day in the future I would check the restaurant out.

Coming home I told Li about the restaurant.  He then asked his coworkers who had also heard of this restaurant.  It appears that it was known throughout the city.

So – of course, we had to go!

It was a couple of weeks later that we finally went to the restaurant – the first time we tried was around lunchtime and there was a line twisting on the sidewalk.  We were pretty hungry so we didn’t go that time and instead went to another restaurant.  The second time we went in the early afternoon.  There were two empty seats at the table by the door and we ordered the house specialty – Long intestine noodles!

The noodles (with intestines topping)

The noodles (with intestines topping)

A big grin - before I tried them!

A big grin – before I tried them!

What do you think?  Would you have eaten it?

Even though I was initially hesitant, the noodles were cooked perfectly and the intestines were tender and flavorful.  I ate the entire bowl!  Intestines – chitlins to those from the southern part of the US – are delicious.  Who would have known?

Have you received a good restaurant recommendation lately?  What strange food have you seen or eaten?

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