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Profiles – My trainer

8 Sep

I believe exercise is one element of my life that helps keep me sane.  However, given my schedule, sometimes my own willpower wanes a bit. Having a personal trainer keeps me on track and focused, reminding me that my own health is a high priority.  My initial trainer in Chicago – Ralph – was great – he got me on the path to fitness and explained all the confusing weight machines.  It was an empowering experience.  My current trainer Bruce (he chose the name because of Bruce Lee) continues in that path.

Bruce and I have been working out for over two years now.  He is the longest serving trainer in the gym that is in the middle of my apartment complex.  Over the last couple of years we have gotten to know each other in the way that is unique – he is has seen me at my worst and best and pushes me to new limits.

Bruce is also an aspiring model and a frequent network television variety show participant.  He is an Apple fanatic and has gone through three iPhones while I have known him.  It is using his phone that he shows me his recent adventures including but not limited to:

  1. Modeling underwear for an online ad campaign
  2. Participating in a vocal variety show where he sang “Memory” from Cats
  3. Getting chosen as a preferred dating partner on a televised matchmaking game
  4. Performing feats of strength – ie doing push-ups with a woman standing on his back serenading the audience with a song accompanied by different instruments on still another show

He is one of the “go to” participants for these type of shows for a local TV station outside of Shanghai and occasionally will tell me about new events and things that he is involved with, going multiple levels on different shows, though to my knowledge he has never actually won.  If each person has 15 minutes of fame Bruce has figured out a way to double or triple his.

He is a great guy – patient, curious – always asking how to say different words in English, very strong (useful for a trainer) and he doesn’t seem to lack any new exercise ideas.  With his help I have done all types of lifting, fitness assessments and even sporadically boxing.  I think the boxing is when he needs a pick-me-up as my boxing skills remain quite laughable – to the point that the rest of the gym will smile too.

Anyone else have any trainer stories?

Profiles – The Plant Man

18 Aug

I have two plants in my office.  I have had two plants in my office for the last three years.  Neither of them has died.

This is actually a fairly unusual situation, as amaryllis bulbs aside, I tend to kill plants. My travel schedule, a tendency to over-water or under-water and the artificial light  all contribute to this conundrum.

Why, may you ask have I not killed these plants?

The Plant Man

Every few days there is an individual who comes to my office early in the morning with a bucket of water.  I do not know his name, but he will smile and nod at me to enter, then quietly water, prune and observe the status of my plants.  Obviously he is an expert at his job – coming even when I am not there to doctor my plants.

He is not my company’s employee because he does not have a door card, I do not know if he comes with the building, but occasionally I will let him in.  The other day I asked why he didn’t have our maintenance woman’s phone number so she could let him in.  I don’t think he understood my chinese because he just smiled and nodded. 

It is strange to know that for almost the last three years I have seen this individual at least once or twice a week and I know hardly anything about him.  Who knows what his life is like – his career aspirations, his family, his dreams?  All I know is that my plants are still alive.

Having the green in my office is calming and hopefully increases the oxygen level.  Thank goodness for the Plant Man.

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