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My Shanghai – our local hair salon

6 Apr

Since I have grown my hair long, I don’t go to the salon nearly as often as I did before.  My husband, however, goes about once a month to make sure that his cut stays in shape.  Because of that – he actually has a longer running relationship with his salon and stylist than I do.  He has followed her from one salon to another and even (in a moment of weakness) over a year ago, bought a membership card which means he gets 50% off all products and services.

Before Chinese New Year I decided I wanted to get my hair  trimmed and he asked if I wanted to go to his salon, which I gladly accepted.  I enjoyed it so much that recently I went back for another trim when Li went in to get his hair cut.

This salon is more traditional than some which means that they wash your hair while you are sitting in the chair – a dry wash – instead of over the sink.  Because it is done that way they can also simultaneously massage your shoulders and neck – which feels wonderful.  After a rinse they then finish the massage down your arms and hands so by the time the stylist arrives you are in a very pleasing mental state.

Enjoying a "dry shampoo"

Enjoying a “dry shampoo”

The shampoo girls were new arrivals in Shanghai, happy to practice their little bit of English and it made me remember the first time I got my hair cut in Shanghai where I couldn’t understand much more than, “Hello, goodbye, I don’t want that and thank you.”  How much has changed in seven years (I can have a full conversation now and actually am familiar with the different regions where the girls were from) – and how much has stayed the same, the continual change in Shanghai and people coming here to seek their fortune.

The cut itself is a little bit of an afterthought in my case – just a quick trim, but still nice to have someone else cut and style and blow dry.

By the time we walked out over an hour later I felt looser and lighter – all for the cost of 30RMB (less than $5USD).  Maybe I should get my hair trimmed every week?

What is your favorite salon?

A stylish cut

27 Oct

I have gone to the same salon for the last couple of years.  Overall I have been satisfied with the service and happy with my different haircuts.  Over the last two years I’ve had different stylists and different styles but I’ve never had quite the experience that I had with my most recent cut.

I had booked a four o’clock appointment and was a little early but wanted to see if they could slide me in.  When I got there the drill was the same as always – wash first.  Then before I got my head wet, they said that the stylist wanted to talk to me about what I wanted to do.  Ok, no problem.

I sat down in the chair and one person asked me what I wanted to do and translated it for my stylist.  The stylist that they gave me was Japanese!  He didn’t speak English and he didn’t speak Chinese.  I was slightly shocked, but through the translator (the individual who eventually washed my hair) we clarified my goals and went forward.  

Once I realized that the Japanese stylist did know what he was doing, I relaxed a bit.  Each time he had a question he called back the translator and we went through the same drill.  He asked what kind of brush I use, whether the length was right, if I wanted more layers,… I think because we didn’t speak the same language we both became hyper aware.

Pose for the camera

I was really pleased with the results.

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