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Inspiring Blog Award

12 Aug

It seems appropriate that with the Olympics running down I have been recognized for an award from a fellow blogger who has really inspired me over the last several months.  More appropriate in this instance than a gold medal, the award is the “Inspiring Blog Award” and I was nominated by Nicole at the blog “Third Eye Mom.”  It was a nice gift that coincided with the one year anniversary of my blog and was also a validation for me that there are a few folks out there reading my jumbled up tales.

The purpose of this award is to share some additional information about myself as well as share other blogs that inspire me.  I already shared some random information about myself when I was nominated for two other blog awards earlier this year, so I thought that I would write a little about what inspires me and then share a couple of blogs that I follow as well.

A group of ND alumni and students – committed to my great university

I am inspired by people who work hard and commit to a goal that is greater than themselves.

The Family Group by Charles Umlauf taken in Austin, Texas

I am inspired by children and those who keep a child-like view of curiosity towards the world.


The first poppy of the season in northern Michigan’s late spring

I am inspired by blue skies, uplifting music, beautiful flowers and cooking a meal with family and friends.

The following blogs inspire me.  I hope they inspire you as well.

Expatially Mexico – is a delightful blog focusing on being an expat much closer to my home than I am, but still feels very familiar

Stupid Ugly Foreigner – writes on teaching English in Korea and how life can have many different meanings

Fiona Grows Food – follows the life of a garden in the UK

Kelly at Tales from Hebei – has tales of a foreigner in a similar situation as me, but in northern China

What inspires you?  Do you find my blog inspiring – if so, why?

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