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Planning the next trip

12 Sep

We are planning our next trip for the end of September over the October holidays period.  We finally have booked all of the flights, ferries and hotels and now just need to get on the plane and go.

This trip planning process highlighted several elements I thought were worth calling attention to.

  • Traveling with different passports can be frustrating – especially when one is a Chinese passport

My husband had to explain to the visa authority why a Chinese person is applying for a single visa to romantic honeymoon destination.  He was able to do it – after changing his hukou, providing bank statement details and copies of our marriage certificates, plus a letter from his employer.

I am very glad I have a US passport.

  • Transferring in Moscow may be interesting.

We found conflicting information online as to whether both of us needed transit visas for Moscow.  In our quest to get the cheapest flight, we have a strange transfer there.  After all the research we finally reached out to Aerflot.  They replied that we do not.  If we do I will have a really good story and promise to share it here.

  • Travel apps are really amazing.

We have spent way too much time hotel comparison shopping and planning our route.  The apps and websites really are amazing.  It sucks up time that could be used for other activities.  I have had enough – I am ready to take off and explore, but my husband is still checking and changing plans.

I will leave our upcoming destination unnamed for the moment to build suspense.  Prior to heading out there is still a lot to be finalized, projects to complete, mid-autumn festival to celebrate, friends to welcome and fall to enjoy!

Stay tuned for more…

What have you learned when planning a trip?  Anything that has come in handy later?

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